(Hopefully) The search ends here…

After weeks of searching (in tears), we think we have finally found the one: Lansinoh mOmma. We are talking about the bottle that you would take… No more tears (and yes, that also… Continue reading

Alia Chronicle: Turning 3 months

Happy 3 month old, sweetheart! Yuk Keep Smile!: OK, that’s just bad English, but believe me that there’s a silly TV show in Indonesia with that name :p Okaasan thought that the phrase… Continue reading

Let’s cross the state border!

Somewhere, Okaasan wrote about how you can be very fussy sitting in a car seat, especially when the car isn’t moving. So the idea of taking you on a long car ride made… Continue reading

Bbrrrmmm… Brrrmmm…

Your first car ride was on July 29, from the hospital to our home. You’re just a teeny weeny baby, sitting quietly in your car seat. The next day, we took another car… Continue reading

First visit to the zoo!

The first few posts will be filled with your first of many things. This time is about your first visit to the zoo. We learned that Stone Zoo is only a few minutes… Continue reading

Sharing means caring (and thank you, Internet!)

No one likes to give away money because you’ll end up with an empty wallet. But that’s not the case with information. Eyang always says: Jangan pelit ilmu. Kalo ngajari orang lain, ilmu… Continue reading