Sharing means caring (and thank you, Internet!)

No one likes to give away money because you’ll end up with an empty wallet. But that’s not the case with information. Eyang always says: Jangan pelit ilmu. Kalo ngajari orang lain, ilmu kita gak akan habis. Malah kita bisa tambah pinter juga.

These past few days, Okaasan has been searching for ideas to do fun enrichment activities with you. You know Okaasan — always tries to be ahead of everything! Okaasan wasn’t sure what to do at first because well, you’re our first baby! Okaasan has a ton of ideas in mind for when you’re in preschool and older. But you’re still a tiny lil’ baby… I can’t wait for us to do things with letters and numbers heheheh (alert: rabid mom is in town! :p)

Thanks to the Internet, Okaasan was able to find a TON of mommies who shared their brilliant activities. They shared the how-to’s, pictures, videos, and their experiences doing the activities with their kids. These are really SUPERMOMS!!! Okaasan wants to give each of them a hug for sharing their creative things. THANK YOU, moms!