First visit to the zoo!

The first few posts will be filled with your first of many things. This time is about your first visit to the zoo. We learned that Stone Zoo is only a few minutes away from our place (this makes me love our place even more!), so last week on Columbus Day, we decided to introduce you to the land of caged animals :p

Like many of our early “jalan-jalan,” you’re asleep almost the entire time. Nevertheless, Okaasan and Otoosan had a blast. Almost all of the animals were wide awake. The monkeys were busy swinging. The black bears were walking up and down their cage. The flamingos were busy yapping. Even the jaguar decided to wake up from its nap when we stopped by its cage. Okaasan had never been to a zoo where all of the animals were up and about! We even saw a lost looking rabbit by the bushes :p