Alia Chronicle: Turning 3 months

Happy 3 month old, sweetheart!

Yuk Keep Smile!: OK, that’s just bad English, but believe me that there’s a silly TV show in Indonesia with that name :p Okaasan thought that the phrase is the right one to describe you now. Every morning, we wake up to a big smile of yours. From behind the crib, you’d give me the biggest smile ever! You clearly take after Otoosan – murah senyum! šŸ˜€ Yuk Keep Smile, Alia because a smile can brighten up one’s day.

I’ve got stories to tell: You have Okaasan that loves to talk so we’re not surprised when we learn that you love to talk too!

Wanna hear Alia? šŸ˜€

Still a No-no to bottles: Okaasan love that you LOVE my boobs so much. Okaasan love watching you nurse while caressing my skin. Okaasan love when you look up and smile when you’ve finished. Is that why you still don’t want to drink from bottles? Huhuhuhu… Who knew that babies would hate bottles? You’d cry and cry and cry, at times for an hour. We’d be lucky if you’d get an ounce or so down. Sometimes you’d fall asleep from all the crying (huuhuhu…). So far, we have tried Dr. Brown, Medela, Philip Avent Natural, Phillip Avent Classic, and Tommee Tippee. Still no avail… But we know that you’re a strong and smart girl. We’ll get this down (eventually!)



Learning through playing: Not yet ready for basketball or jump rope, but there are plenty to play with.

Yummy fingers: You discovered a new toy – your fingers!